2015 Health Care Forum



Join us for our 2015 Health Care Forums “Empower People. Empower Health.”

Health care has become a top priority across every organization—from C-Suite executives to each team member. This priority escalates with the approaching excise tax as employers redesign health benefits and further shift cost to employees. More than ever health impacts results. To an organization, it’s a potential financial risk, driver of profitability and valued asset. To individuals, it’s personal.

Our 2015 Health Care Forums will help you champion this role and take action to:

  • Prepare for and optimize market changes to lead a health care strategy that improves outcomes for your business and workforce
  • Create a health experience focused on individuals, better equipping them as consumers and supporting them when they are patients
  • Understand, measure and expand the total value of health

You’ll leave with a vision for the future of health care that you can shape to empower results. We hope you are able to join us and your peers for our 2015 Health Care Forums.

Vicki Tran victoria.tran@aon.com 312.381.5617

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