Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have never been more complex. That’s why you need skilled and dedicated advisors who can identify risks, increase opportunities and add value throughout the lifecycle of your deal. Aon’s specialized expertise, broad resources, global network and intellectual capital deliver integrated strategies and solutions for specific needs.  

Equally important, our team is available 24/7 — before, during and after a transaction — to help ensure the success of your M&A transaction.  

Superior Due Diligence
Due diligence is a critical part of any deal. Aon’s superior due diligence services provide financial, insurance, pensions and employee benefits transaction support for enhanced decision making. Throughout the due diligence process, we work closely with other providers to ensure thorough and coordinated analyses and cost-effective solutions for your organization. Our M&A specialists focus on deal-related issues and can share their findings with you in real-time for immediate impact on your business. Backed by clear and succinct reports, we can help you develop a better understanding of historical, current and future risks. Throughout the project life cycle, we routinely partner with the other diligence advisors (legal, accounting, etc.) to provide the most benefit to our clients.

Opportunities for Cost Reduction

Recognizing the need to cut costs, our services and approach are designed to systematically identify specific opportunities for cost reduction, helping to accelerate value creation, reduce the volatility of financial results, and increase exit realizations. As transactions move toward closing, our team outlines a thorough transition plan on program implementation and post-closing action items.

Work With the Industry Leader

Aon was the first company to develop leveraged buying programs and offer private equity, risk and human capital-related due diligence. We have placed the largest Representations and Warranties, Litigation Buy-out and Tax Indemnity programs in the market to date. We are also leaders in the development of new transactional solutions across a wide range of industries.  Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization succeed.

The St Louis M&A team is a hub for due diligence work and considering our team has worked on nationwide and global deals for many years, we have the experience necessary to provide “best in class” diligence work.  Our team is staffed with CPA’s, MBA’s and former claim experts who each have years of insurance experience.  Our team is a large part of a global practice group which routinely shares best practices and experiences to truly stay on top of all aspects in the M&A space.

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